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What are the basics of Internet Marketing? They are the small Joey Bosa Jersey , fundamental tools of the trade ranging from Web pages to Autoresponders (making a list) and from emails and ebooks to copy writing salespages.

Does this sound familiar AND exciting to you. It is to me. I ve got money coming in by using it.

Oh, well, the basics are always fun to review. Usually profitable, too! I don t know the basics well enough.

Story time. I used to golf quite a bit in the 80 s and I had the opportunity to play with some guys that were PGA quality. I had to hustle to keep up and I usually had a score fully twice the strokes of these scratch golfers.

I asked this one fellow, who had the drive from heaven, this question.... How do you hit that ball so far?

He said I practice that one basic swing in batches of 50...six times a week.

He went on to say, If I don t have that baby grooved by the weekend I can lose a lot of money. I was impressed. The basics. Again.

For us, one definition of the basics has to be putting the right offer in front of the right people. (by means of the Internet) That s Internet Marketing.

Let s say you already know how to handle getting a webpage up. Let s put a good offer on that webpage selling something that people need and want. (two different things...need and want)

Once you have the offer up on the net and dialed in with an autoresponder it s time to get down to the real business. Driving traffic to the offer.

That s right! Up until this point we were only talking infrastucture! But you have to have it.

Infrastructure is important because it s the setup that let s you run! Automatically as well. That s important because you can hardly do without it.

But guess what it can t do without.

Traffic! Better yet Targeted Traffic. People coming to your website that want what you offer.

Targeted traffic is when people with bald tires are shown a new tire offer.

So how do we get targeted traffic in numbers big enough to sell something. Well, what is that, for example?

I ve seen it so often it must be true. Conversion rates rarely exceed 5 ...more often 1 2 .

So if you want to sell 10 of these things (in your webpage offer) you must get a thousand people to come to your site AND they have to be the type of person (traffic)(targeted) that wants what you offer. That s basic.

So traffic...Targeted Traffic... is what you need to work on. Lately I ve been getting into that and I m starting to make some progress.

But traffic is what you need after you have your infrastructure in place! You have your Web Page. FTP. Hosting. Domain name (URL). Opt in form for building a list (autoresponder)...those are the basics.

That would put you in the market for Website Creation, Copy writing, Products and Sales Pitches. And the biggie...Traffic generation.

You see... until you have the infrastructure in place you don t need traffic. Unless you are generating traffic for someone else s offer, which happens a lot, but I m not going there right now.

After you have the structure in place you have to get the traffic! So you can get to that place where the simplest equation describing Internet Marketing dwells.

It s here that the money is made... Traffic + Conversion = Sales. Think about it. That s basic.

Even more basic is ... Buyer + Offer = Sales. Now your traffic is made up of buyers and your offer converts well which adds up to Sales.

You get your offer all rigged up and ready to go. You drive Targeted Traffic to it. Some of that traffic converts into sales and you are on your way. Selling and building a list.

Don t forget about the list. Customers that have visited your site and especially those who purchased, are likely to buy from you again. If you contact them!

And it better be automatically, or you will turn into an email monster and your business will disintegrate! And remember to treat them like you would want to be treated.

You see, this is a real business. Made up of the basics, which are easy to learn. It s putting the whole thing together that makes it work.

But you can put it all together and if you are anything like I was you can even enjoy the process.
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