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Anything that proclaims to be free or give discounts is proven to be a powerful force when it comes to motivating buyers. Every business should take advantage of this well known fact. Traditionally Cheap Tampa Bay Rays Hoodies , coupons are printed in papers and attached to magazines and newspapers. But the traditional paper coupons are quite costly since it involves paper and printing materials.

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ROME, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Rome's waste management Agency (AMA) is due to receive soon an exclusive Italian patent to turn garbage into eco-asphalt, with a new procedure that may allow the municipality to both save money and preserve the local environment.

The AMA is expected to receive the patent in October, and open a new production line for the eco-material in 2016.

"We plan to begin by next spring, and reach full production between October and November 2016 Wade Boggs Rays Jersey ," AMA president Daniele Fortini told Xinhua.

The patent relates to a new procedure to process part of Rome's non-recycled waste and turn it into a so-called "Mineralized Biomass (MB)," an eco-material to be used as asphalt to surface roads and cycling paths, according to the agency.

This transformation process would need no chemicals, and the waste would not be submitted to any thermic treatment.

"Our new procedure will process the so-called 'stabilized organic waste', or FOS with the Italian acronym Trevor Plouffe Rays Jersey , which is one result of the usual mechanical biological treatment of the garbage," Fortini explained.

The FOS is mostly organic already, but under Italian and European regulations it is still considered a waste destined for disposal in landfills because it contains residuals of plastic, glass, or other non-organic materials Steven Souza Rays Jersey , the manager added.

"Our patented process will enable us to further refine this FOS, by mixing it with another material capable of expelling all heavy metal particles from the stabilized organic waste," he specified.

The patent application was filed in 2008, and was granted by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office in 2011, according to the manager.

The project was developed by AMA and the Rome-based Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM) research institute in equal part Sergio Romo Rays Jersey , but the municipal agency then fully redeemed the exclusive patent rights.

The production of this new eco-asphalt might allow Rome a considerable saving in terms of money, considering that the city is forced to send its non-recycled waste to other regions in northern Italy since the closure of its huge landfill in Malagrotta for environmental reasons in October 2013.

The Italian capital would likely benefit also in terms of environment protection, reducing its need for landfill and using the eco-material for paving new roads or cycling paths. (1 euro = 1.12 U.S. dollars)

Piles are a very common problem associated with a lot many people from around the world. They are literally a pain in the butt. According to a statistical survey conducted in the United States of America, almost five out of ten people chosen randomly are likely to experience hemorrhoids and piles as they reach their fiftieth year of age. With such alarming figures, it is very hard to people to stay away from such problems. Piles and bleeding hemorrhoids are characterized mainly by gruesome symptoms.

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