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The first step in the process is acquiring the ultimate wedding location!!

Brides Individual Factors to Evaluate:

-Your Dream
-Time of year
-Travel timedistance for guests


REALITY CHECK! If you desire to marry on the moon Larry Nance Jr. Jersey , then the earth will not do!!! The most significant decision is to judge if your dream is practical based on finances and realism. Take a hard reflective look at yourself, and conclude if anything will make you happy! This is the first hurdle to conquer before even looking for a location! Readjust and concentrate your thinking to understand that the wedding day is the First Step in bringing about many lifelong experiences and memories! If this is hard to figure out, the wedding result will not be a special experience for you, your soul mate, your friends and family.


The sensation of the venue is extremely important to achieving your dream! If you are an city girl then do not go to the mountains!!! Find a beautiful Hotel or Private Clubrestaurant to take on your wedding event. If you love nature and the (natural) then go outside the city environment! A room with four walls will need to be improved with labor, setup time, and funds to create the look you desire! If you love to create a perfect (set) or fantasy, this is the outlet for you! A ballroom, hotel or private club room can be the perfect place.

If you wish a natural feel, think of the beach, the mountains, a garden, a winery wedding such as Temecula Winery Weddings, or a golf resort to have the feel you wish. With choosing a preset feel, you can save time, effort and monies since you know what to expect. This can ease the planning of accessories and services (dresses and attire, flowers, food, cake, photography, music) much easier. Always keep in mind, this is your wedding, and create the desired feeling you want to have on that special day!!!


Getting married in the Spring was conventionally the prime time for a wedding! Now, life gets in the way of most events! Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, business trips, other friends weddings, and holidays are just a few factors that weigh into this decision! You must determine how significant these become for planning the date of your wedding.

Spring is a beautiful time in nature. There are hundreds of flowers and vistas that only exist this time of year! As beautiful as it is, it is also a time of allergies for many!! Also, the oceans and waters can be uncomfortable and very strong! Rain may also be a factor in many parts of the country (rain is good luck on your wedding day鈥攖hey say!!!)

Summer weather is predictable for many locations. The trees and greenery are in full bloom, the waters are less active, and the temperatures are warmer. Consider shade (tree-lined areas), tenting, or an indoor option if the temperature is too warm in certain locations!! Also think about the time of day for the wedding (morning, lunch, or evening)! Pricing can be a consideration based on the time of day for the event! This can work to your advantage if you are adaptable!

Fall is a uniquely beautiful time if you like fall colors, changing of seasons and the scents of fall!!! It is also harvest and a very special time in Wine Country areas鈥擳emecula Winery Weddings are especially scenic! The daysevenings are more crisp and getting shorter by November 1 when daylight saving time ends!

Winter is considered off-season for most wedding venues except for mountain resorts! The days are short, the weather less predictable, and you have key national holidays (not being religious) such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to consider!!! That being said, you can understand some wonderful values if you choose a date in this timeframe at many locations!


The wedding must go on! It is time for the ceremony but 50% of the family and friends are not there!! Yikes! What to do! Make sure you consider through the start time of the wedding based on specific factors of the location! If you get married during rush hour in the city, there will be problems! If you decide to schedule your wedding on an early Friday evening, your guests may be delayed in traffic jams! Solutions: Opt for a later start time for the ceremony; or plan a pre-ceremony cocktail or social get together to insure there is time for your family and friends to arrive.

If you have a destination wedding, most friends and family will schedule in advance to take off early, or have travelled to reach the location. However, you may be adding extra costs for friends and family such as airfare, hotel, car rental. If there are difficult issues with family on cutting down the number of wedding guests, picking a destination wedding might be an easy way to maintain the guest list under control!!! Having a wedding at a remote location like Hong Kong will most likely shorten the guest list!

We recommend that you think about a Temecula wedding at a Temecula winery. They are picturesque, tranquil, and have plenty of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and private home choices! Of course the Temecula wine and surrounding vineyards adds the feel of sophistication that few locations have to offer. Also this area is conveniently located between LA, Palm Springs and San Diego!

Happy Location Hunting!
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The Falkners bought Falkner Temecula Winery in 2000. Since then Ray and Loretta have built a beautiful Temecula restaurant and Temecula Winery that overlooks the Temecula wine valley. You can learn more about Temecula weddings at http:falknerwinerywinery-weddingtemecula-wedding.

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