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Many golfers experience back pain. The golf swing is an unnatural motion that can cause some unusual stresses. In some cases Derek Barnett Youth Jersey , golf does not necessarily cause the pain, but a golf swing can aggravate old injuries and escalate stiffness into painful spasms.

I have rarely made it through a season without experiencing at least one bout of back pain from golf. There have been times it has been so severe that I thought I may have to give up the sport. But over time, I have found a few things that help me golf pain free and, if I do experience some pain Jay Ajayi Youth Jersey , speed recovery. Of course these tips are meant for people experiencing pain from the normal stresses and strains that come from participation in sport and are not meant for people who have injuries or are recovering from chronic conditions.

1. Exercise

A couple of years ago I ran across a regimen developed by Dr. Chico Caldwell, a professor at the University of Iowa. This series of exercises was not developed for golf specifically, but is an overall strength and flexibility program. Even so, I have found it to be extremely beneficial for avoiding back pain by keeping abdomen and back muscles toned. The whole series of exercises takes about an hour. Twice a week seems to be enough frequency to maintain muscle tone. No equipment is necessary.

2. Pre-game Warm-up

I personally don't believe stretching cold muscles does much good. It is necessary to get cold muscles warmed up and the only way to do this is movement. Take a club and swing it like a baseball bat back and forth until you are puffing a bit Fletcher Cox Youth Jersey , then take some easy practice swings, then go through your stretching routine.

3. Take It Easy on the Driving Range

I is always tempting to reach for the driver because you know that that all important drive on the first tee is coming up in a few minutes. But you will like do better if you warm up by hitting some easy shots with your six iron.

4. Walk

It may seem counter intuitive, but I have fewer problems with my back when I am walking the course than when I am using a cart. If you must use a cart, because of course or tournament rules Zach Ertz Youth Jersey , make sure you stretch when you get out and walk around as much as possible.

5. Rest

Very often I will not notice any pain during a game but will experience it the next day when I am riding my bike or working in the garden. Taking it easy between games will decrease onset of back pain. If you must do some lifting, use additional caution after a round of golf.

By paying attention to these things, you should be able to play without gulping handfuls of ibuprofen. But of course, this is just some common sense advice from one player to another and is not a substitute for professional help. If you do experience ongoing pain Nick Foles Youth Jersey , consult a professional.

LUSAKA, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Zambia' s soccer governing body says it has launched internal investigations following allegations of racism by Venezuela during a 2014 Under-17 Women' s World Cup game in Costa Rica, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Friday.

Venezuela beat Zambia 4-0 during a Group A match on Wednesday with some Zambian players claiming that they were subjected to racism remarks by Venezuela players before and during the match.

Team captain Martha Tembo claimed she was repeatedly referred to as a 'nigger' by Venezuela captain Lourdes Moreno, who she was marking.

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) vice-president Boniface Mwamelo said internal investigations have been launched to establish the truth before reporting the matter to world soccer governing body Dallas Goedert Youth Jersey , FIFA.

"FIFA is strictly on racism and they want evidence to go with the complaint. So, we have started our internal investigation before we lodge an official complaint," he was quoted as saying by the paper.

Zambia, who have lost their two opening games to Venezuela and Italy Carson Wentz Youth Jersey , play their last formality match against hosts Costa Rica on Saturday.

The Zambian government has said it is to blame for the team' s poor performance at the tournament because it has not put in place deliberate measures to ensure that there is a competitive women soccer league in the country.

Fireplaces are an inclusive piece of a house as they have extra warmth, comfort, elegance, and ambiance to a bedroom. A home with your wall mount electric fireplace as a supplemental or alternative heating unit can cause a whole new difference in comfort levels for homeowners together with guests.
Electric powered wall-mount fireplaces are by and large ideal for homes that should not have extra cash for building tha permanent type and also for those who may need quality warmth and setting in smaller homes want apartments and condos. They are typically quite functional and easy to install which may be done quickly. They are good replacements for emitters which people barely contain the idea or space that will put them.
The use of walls mounted fireplaces also removes disasters like tripping on portable gas heaters that can potentially result to terminate. They are also substantially enjoyable to have in a very home as it will provide great and beautiful benefits now matter how big or limited space may be. And because they are placed on the wall Brian Dawkins Womens Jersey , these fireplaces really do not take up space in any way. They can be easily mounted at every focal point of a place so when guests comes into, it creates a huge impact in terms of both aesthetics as effectively as comfort.
Though fireplaces are not for primary heating, these wall mounted units can be really worthwhile as an alternative heat source during the cold seasons for instance winter. Not only do all of these units provide warmth at a room but they also come up with a unique environment ideal intended for spending quality time while using entire family or appreciate one. They are also ide. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Replica NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys