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JAKARTA Frank Ragnow Hoodie , Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's counter-terrorism police has killed six suspected militants and arrested one near Jakarta since Tuesday evening, local media reported Wednesday.

Five men were found dead in a bathroom in Jakarta's southwestern outskirts of Ciputat on Wednesday morning after exchanging fire with police for 10 hours, said local online news kompas.

The police fatally shot one and arrested another on Tuesday evening as armed police surrounded a house rented by the seven men, according to kompas.

The police has identified one of the militants as Nurul Haq Marvin Jones Jr Hoodie , a suspect on the "Wanted Person List" who was believed to be involved in a series of shootings at police officers months ago.

The anti-terror unit killed a man and arrested two others for their roles in the shooting and bomb-making last October in east Indonesia's South Sulawesi province.

Indonesia has been battling terrorists since the 2002 bombings on the resort island of Bali that claimed more than 200 lives, mostly foreign tourists. Enditem

7 Things You Must Never Say To A WomanAuthor: mark b | Category: DatingPublished: October 24, 2009Transparency is very important in a relationship. This means that you should know each other well on personal grounds. A relationship takes ages to build up but can be broken within no time. But it might happen that even ages after knowing each other, there are issues which flare up both of you and you end up having miserable quarrels. So whether you are a person who have just began your quest of conquering a beautiful damsel Golden Tate III Hoodie , or a pro in the relationship, make sure that you avoid venturing into troubled waters by discussing topics which will endanger the relationship.It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. So keep in mind the following things while talking with your beloved. ge (A Bar): First, do not say anything about her age. It is a well known fact that a girl age should never be asked to her. She likes to keep it a secret and keep her boyfriend guessing. However, aged she might look; you should never say it on her face. Rather Darius Slay Jr Hoodie , you should compliment on her secret of looking beautiful. veryone has a past: As her better half, it applies to you too. So, keep your relationship healthy by not asking her anything related to her past. Blaming her or questioning her about her ex partner or reason of break up can surely be dangerous for your relationship. If she is not bothered about your past, you should also be liberal enough not to make her feel guilty. It is on you to take care of her Matthew Stafford Hoodie , so do not hurt her by referring to her past affair. Also do not dictate her about whom she will have in her friends group or not. Saying her something about her independent nature can surely invite trouble.o Comparison: If you are in a steady relationship and have thought of making her a part of your life permanently, then abstain yourself from comparing her with your mother. Exceptions are there, but girls really do not take this comparison in the right spirit. Do not forget that she is different from your mother. Their generations are different. You share a different kind of bonding with your mother and so with her. Her place in your life is different. Hence, it will be better to keep the relationships in their respective boundaries. o ex-girlfriend talk: Abstain yourself from pulling in references of your ex girlfriend before your present beloved. Your constant references to your ex flame might make her feel jealous or insecure. You might make her conscious of something which she might not have been even thinking like o they still have a relation behind my backppearance: Never say anything bad about her appearance. At the same time Ziggy Ansah Hoodie , restrain yourself from making any comment if she has gained weight. Again do not make any comment on her sense of dressing. tick to promises: Try to stick to your promises and fulfill them because your beloved expects you to stick to your words. Saying her that you two will meet in the evening and cancelling at the last moment is enough to make her doubt your responsible attitude. ndependence: Today women are modern and independent by nature and do not like to be questioned about her work related issues, financial status and working capabilities. Asking her questions related to these matters may hurt her dignity. Lastly remember not to say anything against her family members. 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