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THE HAGUE Antonio Brown Steelers Jersey , Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Dutch daily newspaper NRC fired its China correspondent Oscar Garschagen for fabricating fake news, NRC announced on Wednesday.

"Garschagen has made serious mistakes in recent years against our journalistic rules," chief editor Peter Vandermeersch stated. "He thereby harmed the trust of the editors and the readers. Garschagen must therefore leave the newspaper."

64-year-old Garschagen was accused of making fake news by his former assistant. On Sept. 3, the assistant stated his former boss produced fake news, made up quotes, facts, names, committed plagiarism, and wrote about events he wasn't present.

Vandermeersch initially supported his correspondent, and at the same time, started an internal investigation into the issue.

The report of the investigation, which came out on Wednesday, contained 40 pages and showed in detail the several forms of fake news Garschagen committed.

"All his reports are based on extensive reporting, but in the writing it went wrong," the report concluded. "This led to mistakes, quotes attributed to the wrong person, or incorrect quotes, quotes from different persons who have been attributed to one person, details which have been intertwined, and in some cases, plagiarism."

A statement by NRC also contained a reaction by Garschagen, who claimed that one year before his retirement he wanted to show he "still could do it all". He added that he ignored all signals of a burnout and depression.

Garschagen was correspondent for NRC in China for ten years, first based in Beijing and later in Shanghai.

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Sustainable Economic Development is defined by United Nations as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition for the very first time considered development in the context of environment and was part of The Brundtland Commission Report, 1987. One of the fundamental initiatives taken during this period was on Sustainable Education in developing countries.

Sustainable Economic Development policies were further improved under The Montreal Protocol in 1989. This was because several research papers and studies across the globe had established several environmental development hazards. First were the depletion of the ozone layer, and the discovery of the substances that cause such destruction. Sustainable Education and dissemination of information later led to the adoption of the Montreal protocol two years later.

Sustainable Economic Development initiatives adopted by many countries influence the Corporate Social Responsibility adopted by several organizations. The organizations contributed to development through active participation in Sustainable Education along with other non-government organization committed to Sustainable Economic Development.

UN goals for 2015

Sustainable Education for initiatives by governmental, non-profit and corporate organizations under United Nations Millenium Declartion includes such goals as poverty eradication, child mortality to sustainability. An action plan put together in 2010 is focused on the same.
Sustainable Economic Development on all fronts be it economic growth, social development as well as environmental protection are a triad of policies, the United Nations has put into a framework for 2005-2014. In retrospect, facilitators and decision-makers have found that Sustainable Education is by far the first point of action to introduce Sustainable Economic Development, especially in downtrodden and developing nations.

Regardless of new age economic policies definitions or theories, Sustainable Education only can save a nation and its people from the fast and destructive path of industrialization at the cost of ecological destruction. Be it the thick Amazon forests or the deep rain forests, Sustainable Economic Development, along with the political will needs quality Sustainable Education initiatives.

India and Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Education has been at the root of several initiatives adopted by corporates across the country. They have adopted ecological sustainability in a systemized and structured manner, especially in the last five years of their initiatives.

The scope and the value creation these organizations have brought to Sustainable Economic Development via the Sustainable Education bandwagon has proved to be a powerful arsenal in India’s march to become a world power! If you’re approaching or are over the age of 65, chances are that you’ve already mulled over the issue of whether to get Medigap or Medicare Advantage as an option to pay for what Medicare policies don’t cover. While each has their own set of advantages and drawbacks, a comparison like the one below might help you decide what is better.

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