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Brand:Rianta door
series:Hotel door
title:morden Roman steel entry door with lighting decoration
product picture:
Colour:there are 3 colour to choose: titanium gold, rose gold, black titanium gold

There are more modelling:

Door frame :stainless steel
Door leaf: stainless steel and upholstered leather
Easily mounts to your existing door
Made with custom tufted vinyl covering 1/2" foam on 1/4" wood frame
Custom Sizes Available
Does not interfere with existing hardware.
Question and answer:
1.What is the thickness of the door fan?
7cm or 2.75 inch.
2.What is the size of the door?
It is customized according to customer requirements.
3.What sound insulation is used?
Polythene sheet,water proof Thermal insulating FSG panel and sound insulation cotton etc.
Packing and transportation:
The factory is the factory direct selling, the packaging products have door, tea table, sofa, stainless steel handicraft. Multi-purpose shockproof paper skin, plastic foam, wooden frame and other packaging. To ensure that the product is not damaged durintransportation. Ensure that the customer receives the product is complete
Company basic introduction, production workshop:
Rianta door industry co. Ltd used to be Gonrichan door factory. It is specialized in manufacturing flow stainless steel soundproof door, home door, entrance door, hotel door, guest room door, interior door, LED bar table and other stainless steel products for almost 5 years.
2013 Established on February with only 300 spare meters, having only 6 employees.
2014 first time moving factory location with 500 square meters setting up all departments one by one. It develops the tea table business.
2015 second time moving factory location with 2500 square meters. Expands the stainless steel decoration project.
2017 The third time moving factory location with 3700 square meters. Rianta door industry co. Ltd sets up. Gonrichan and Rianta name is all over the world, having lots of agents in China, UK, USA,Canada, ,Myanmar, Malaysia and Brazil.
Rianta has always been focused on stainless steel soundproof door, home door, entrance door, hotel door, guest room door, interior door.
And the reputation of Rianta Enterprise is increasing rapidly along with the product kinds, quality and service improve, so the occupancy of the markets formed by loyal customers is also rising speedily, covering all areas of China and more than 10 counties in the world. China Hotel Door