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MANAGUA, March 8 (Xinhua) -- Nicaragua celebrated International Women's Day on Wednesday by highlighting its advances in closing the gender gap.

Local media spotlighted the fact that Nicaragua is among the world's top 10 leading gender-equal countries, according to a study released late last year by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Nicaragua ranks 10th among 144 countries in the WEF's list, topped by Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and others.

Nicaragua is also the only Latin American country to enter the WEF's top 20, while larger regional economies trail far behind, including Argentina in 33rd place, Mexico 66th, Chile 70th and Brazil 79th.

Nicaragua ""remains the best performer in the Latin American and Caribbean region for the fifth year running,"" the study points out.

The capital city Managua also witnessed colorful rallies on the International Women's Day.

""With this government, we are equal to men,"" Katherine Lopez, who was taking part in one of the marches, told local media.


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