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RAMALLAH David Savard Jersey , July 23 (Xinhua) -- Israel installed more surveillance cameras around Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem during the past hours, said the preacher of the mosque on Sunday.

Ekrema Sabri, preacher of the mosque, told Xinhua that the Israel police were increasing the number of surveillance cameras at the entrance of the mosque compound to replace the detector gates.

"Our position remains that when the gates are removed Mark Letestu Jersey , we will enter the mosque and then look into revoking all changes done to it," he added.

"Israel must remove the metal detector gates but it does not want to come out as defeated, so, it is seeking alternatives to those gates by installing more cameras Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey ," Sabri said.

Sabri also condemned the incursions by Jewish groups into Al-Aqsa Mosque yards Sunday morning, stressing that the Islamic Wakfs ministry will give adamant response once it is back to the mosque.

Tensions remain high and daily clashes after Israeli authorities installed metal detectors and surveillance cameras at the entrance of Al-Aqsa mosque compound Sunday, two days after closing down the holy shrine in the wake of a shooting attack that left three Palestinians and two Israeli officers killed.

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