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Jennifer Lopez made a dazzling appearance before a global audience as the star kicked off the world's biggest football tournament.

Dubbed the 'greatest show on earth' the event celebrated the start of Brazil's first World Cup in 64 years.

Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony Jennifer Lopez dazzles in World Cup opening ceremony

The singer took to the stage to the Arena de Sao Paulo in Brazil as thousands of fans turned out for the opening ceremony of the world cup.

It was earlier thought that the singer had pulled out of the live performance.

Wearing a sparkling green leotard dress Eric Gordon Rockets Jersey , the 44- year-old defied her years with her energetic dance routine before an audience of 68,000.

Lopez sang with rapper Pitbull, who wore a Brazil T-shirt for the performance , ahead of the group A match between Brazil and Croatia, the opening game of the 2014 tournament.

Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte joined them for the official world cup song 'We Are One.'

The 30-minute opening ceremony, which cost around £4.5million was choreographed by Brazil's Paulo Barros began with children, dressed in the colours of the 32 nations, invading the pitch.

Entertainers were dressed as life size footballs and referees, with the celebrations focused around a giant displaying all of the flags of the countries taking part in the 2014 World Cup.

The colourful extravaganza was not however, devoid of mishaps, with complaints that Lopez's voice was inaudible while others described the display as unprofessional.

In a symbolic moment three doves were brought onto the stage, but one of them escaped and flew into the stage and died.

The ceremony was followed by the opening match of the month-long tournament with hosts Brazil suffering the ignominy of an own goal in the first fifteen minutes of the match.

Fortunately Brazil recovered from the own goal winning the first match of the FIFA World Cup 3-1.


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Posted by deniseklugs in Business on February 19th, 2015

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Sticker Printing for Product Labeling

Labels not only display the name of a product but also reveal various other information that manufacturers must disclose to the consumers of the product. The label of a product can also go as far as convincing a potential consumer to buy it over others. But this is possible when the label has been designed to impress a consumer, generate curiosity or give the information that a consumer might be looking for. This can be done by getting labels designed with professional help, which is what sticker printing services do.

Sticker Label Printing for Cargo

Other than for products, labels are put to use for a lot of other important stuff. Labels are commonly used in the shipping industry to mark cargo items. Each shipping company has its own unique label through which it becomes clear which cargo belong to which company, the same way how labels work for consumer products. Labels are also used in industries to display warning messages or to demarcate certain areas.

Sticker labels can be used inside homes as well. You can use sticker labels to store things in an organized manner. This way you can store a lot of things in your attic or store and have least difficulty things when you need them in the future.

Professional Sticker Label Printing

Sticker label printing should be done professionally when you require labels for commercial use. Since the quality of labels produced by professional services will be high, they will look a lot better than the ones you will be able to print at home, possibly using your home printer. You can get a lot of options when it comes to design and color combinations when you consult a sticker printing service.

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