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Burns Dog Food Is Great For Your Pooch

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. We all dote on our four legged friends and want to give them the best in order that they remain healthy and happy companions for as long as possible. A good quality dog food is essential to a dog’s health. It is recommended that owners buy the best possible dog food they can afford. Their dogs will thank them for it.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

There are many benefits which come with feeding your dog a healthy Cal Ripken Orioles Jersey , natural diet; the main one being that your dog will live a longer, happier life if it receives the right balance of nutrition over the course of its life. A diet which is as natural as possible is the best for a dog’s health.

Another benefit of a healthy diet is that it will give your dog a healthy, shiny coat. This is particularly important for those who wish to show their dogs professionally.

Studies have shown that a dog which is fed a well-balanced, healthy diet, which is as close to nature as possible, will be more likely to behave well compared to dogs who are fed on a ‘junk food diet’. This is because chemicals in food can cause them to be restless and irritated Brooks Robinson Orioles Jersey , leaving them unable to focus.

Why Burns?

Burns dog food is expertly formulated to include all the essential vitamins and minerals a dog needs to stay healthy. John Burns, the maker of the food is actually a vet himself, so he really knows his stuff when it comes to dog nutrition. His dog food is different from the rest because it is carefully formulated and cooked in a manner more similar to human food than other foods, which are processed in factories with lots of added chemicals. This is why the brand is well known and respected by dog health professionals.

Burns dog food comes in a large range of delicious flavours including fish and brown rice, lamb and maize and pork and potato. There are also different ranges for each stage in your dog’s life -- expertly formulated for them.

About the Author

With burns dog food and fantastic dog treats available from swallowhealthydiet you can be sure that you will be purchasing high quality pet food at a competitive price. Visit our website today!

by Xinhua writers You Zhixin, Zheng Kaijun and He Xinrong

SHANGHAI Pedro Alvarez Jersey , July 2 (Xinhua) -- As Chinese and U.S. representatives cut into a rib in Beijing on Friday to mark the return of U.S. beef to China after a 14-year absence, customers in Shanghai also started to receive the U.S. beef they had pre-ordered online via domestic retailers.

The beef sent to Shanghai homes via retailers like FruitDay is of the highest quality in terms of tenderness, juiciness, and flavor according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, and is known as Prime grade.

The reopening of the Chinese market to U.S. beef, one of the first results from the China-United States 100-day action plan reached in May Andrew Cashner Jersey , ends a ban initially triggered by concerns over mad cow disease in 2003, and may well start a new chapter in bilateral economic and trade cooperation.


"My colleagues and I will get busier as U.S. beef is returning," said Lyu Ruiqing, head of Shenhong Cold Storage Company, as he inspected a refrigeration house in suburban Shanghai, where boxes of beef imported from Australia and some South American countries Kevin Gausman Jersey , as well as domestic beef are stored.

Lyu has been in the industry for over 30 years. U.S. beef used to be extremely popular in China, he recalled, accounting for as much as 70 percent of China's beef imports at its peak.

Driven by an ever-expanding middle class, China, the world's biggest pork consumer, is also a growing beef market fed by both domestic and foreign beef.

Data from China Customs showed that the country's beef imports reached around 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 Dylan Bundy Jersey , compared to 254 million dollars in 2012. However, per capita consumption is still low compared to the United States and Australia.

"The market has great potential. Beef is increasingly popular among Chinese. In my restaurant, about 70 percent of the customers are local and many are young people," said Liu Xin, owner of a steakhouse in downtown Shanghai.

"Currently, we mainly serve dishes cooked with Australian beef Chris Tillman Jersey , but we are ready to change the menu when U.S. beef is available this month," said Liu, who is planning to open another steakhouse in the city.


"In the last five years, China became the world's second largest beef importer. Australia has enjoyed exceptional opportunities in exporting beef to China. Competition started in 2015 when Brazil and Argentina were also granted market access," said Yan Hongwei, vice president of Shanghai Haibo Logistics Colby Rasmus Jersey , a major meat dealer in China.

It remains to be seen how U.S. beef will compete with products from the southern hemisphere.

"Flavor comes first," said Liu, the chef-turned-restaurant owner. Over the years, Chinese consumers have been accustomed to eating and cooking with Australian, Argentine or Brazilian beef, but American beef might be meatier and juicier Eddie Murray Jersey , he said.

Price also matters, said Tao Jun, CEO of Sizzle Market, a chain store focusing on beef sales. He considered the return of American beef as good news as the price of imported beef may drop.

"Both Australian and American beef target the middle and high-end markets. Generally speaking, American beef is more cost-effective," said Tao Jim Palmer Jersey , expecting that Australian dealers might try to make prices more competitive to avoid a market loss.

Seeing the great market potential, many Chinese companies are actively seeking cooperation with American beef dealers, while many beef processing plants in the United States are also very excited about the opportunities.

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