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If you are reading this editorial Babe Ruth Jersey , it is in response to possibily one or two distinct reasons. One reason may be that you have a keen sense of wanting to be acquainted more about the 5LINX business opportunity in general. The alternative reason could be because you already realize that there are some extensive financial problems that you need to correct in your life and you are looking at the 5LINX opportunity as a potential alternative to erase these economic problems. It is not my objective to convince you that our current day economy is in bad health. You already realize that the government cannot fix your economic woes, because they hardly ever can fix their own problems. Neither am I going to try and persuade you that the unemployment rate is sky-high and the risk of losing your job looms in the back of your mind regularly. On the other hand, if you are looking for an avenue to escape this rat race and achieve complete financial freedom over your life, I would suggest that you keep reading this commentary because you are at most one decision away from reaching all of your financial dreams and goals.

Who Is 5Linx and What Does It Mean To You?

Started in the spring of 2001 with the fundamental idea of “Representatives Come First”, 5LINX is the brainchild of three very respected direct sales visionaries, Jason Guck, Craig Jerabeck and Jeb Tyler. Their long-term objective when creating 5LINX was to establish the company based on five principal elements – Vision, Success, Integrity, Freedom and Opportunity. To this day, 5LINX has been able to emerge as a foremost direct sales company accomplishing the founders original goals of creating an opportunity where the representatives are the most essential part of the 5LINX story. Based in Rochester, New York, 5LINX has been recognized by numerous third party organizations for their growth and impressive service to the direct sales industry.They have been highlighted in various issues of nationwide business magazines and direct sales trade publications. Recently, 5LINX was picked to the Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in North America for four consecutive years in a row (2006-2009). During this four year period, the company flourished in growth skyrocketing from #481 in 2006 to #274 in 2009. They also witnessed a mind-blowing 800% growth in profit all through these same four years. As time continue to move forward, 5LINX has without question postioned themselves as a company that will continue to grow, dominate and impact the direct sales industry for many years to come.

Can You Make Money With A 5Linx Bussiness Opportunity?

If you are looking to build 5LINX as a full time direct sales professional or just looking for an opportunity to make extra income to subsidize the family budget, you could definitely reach your financial goals with this opportunity. What makes the 5LINX opportunity different from other direct sales companies lies within the product line itself. Unlike other companies whose product lines are purely based on luxury products and services, 5LINX chooses to offer product and services that are necessary for everyday living and provide them at a savings compared to the competition. The product line consist of a variety of telecommunication and home energy services unmatched in the industry which has placed the company among the best telecommunication and energy providers in the world.

Their flagship product is the GLOBALINX Digital Phone Service which changed the Internet phone service industry. Not only will consumers appreciate the major discounts over and above local telecom providers, but when consumers add the GLOBALINX VideoPhone they will be able to view the other person talking in the conversation in HD picture quality. The co-flagship product is 5LINX Energy Service. Customer now can get discounts on their monthly gas and electric bills when they request their services through the 5LINX network. Additional services that are attainable through 5LINX are 5LINX Home Security, 5LINX ID Guard, 5LINX Mobile, 5LINX High Speed Internet and 5LINX Satellite Television. It leaves little room for doubt that you can earn money with the 5LINX business opportunity due to people desire and want these services. When you consider the cost savings that is coupled with obtaining these services through the 5LINX network, you can be certain that you will never have any problems finding potential customers to develop your business.

What Are The Two Methods To Guarantee Success With 5LINX?

There are only two ways in which you can guarantee a degree of success marketing a 5LINX business opportunity. The first way involves the widespread scheme of promoting your business opportunity. Here you have to develop a warm list of names to call. The people that are on your warm list are normally your friends and family members. The issue with this scheme is eventually you will run out of friends and family members to call and this is when marketing your business becomes interesting. Most people who apply this method have to depend on approaching absolute strangers that they meet while out shopping. Others depend on posting flyers in high traffic areas or running classifed ads in the local newspaper (good luck with this one). You can be successful using these or similar methods, but you have to remain consistent and be willing to tolerate rejection. Most new people starting out in direct sales end up departure the business at this point because it is toilsome to discover the right someone, using this method, who is actively looking for a business opportunity to get involved with. So what is the answer to building a successful 5LINX business and have the best possilble prospects to work with?

The answer to obtaining the most desirable potential prospects to work with who are indeed looking for a business opportunity is t

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