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Issue NO: 583

CompTIA 220-702 Test A technician requirements a wireless entry level to cover most of the place of work. Which of your following have to the technician execute Foremost to achieve this? A. Improve the radio channel B. Apply MAC handle filter Do. Discover placement D. Reduce radio energy amount Remedy: Do Explanation: Query NO: 584 Which in the subsequent network modifications should be carried out to extend the wireless network variety and allow out-of-range consumers to talk about the internet relationship? A. Create a brand new VLAN for your out-of-range people. B. Include a wireless entry position for the out-of-range consumers. Do. Up grade the out-of-range users' SSID searching application. D. Enable network sharing within the users' computer systems that are inside variety. Response: B Explanation: Issue NO: 585 A user states that their do the trick Computer system has become afflicted having a virus. Which from the following must the technician do Primary? A. Conduct an antivirus application scan B. Boot the machine into Safe Mode C. Clear away the machine in the network D. Check out for process security patches Solution: Do Explanation: Issue NO: 586

CompTIA 220-702 Examination Which of your adhering to provides the most beneficial protection when setting up a little office dwelling office (SOHO) wireless environment? A. IP deal with filtering B. Disable SSID broadcasting and WEP C. Allow SSID and configure WPA2 D. MAC address filtering Response: C Explanation: Problem NO: 587 Someone is continually trying to hack right into a network. Which belonging to the following can be quite possibly the most practical solution to take care of the network in the intrusion? A. Disconnect the internet link B. Set up a firewall C. Disable SSID broadcast D. Install an antivirus server Remedy: B Explanation: Question NO: 588 NBTSTAT - S: A. Reloads the remote cache identify table B. Lists session table with destination IP. C. Refreshes the network cache. D. Displays regional NETBIOS name. Reply: B Explanation: Question NO: 589

CompTIA 220-702 Exam A technician would utilize a multimeter to test for which for the following? A. Right voltage B. Magnetic discharge Do. Static discharge D. Memory leak Solution: An Explanation: Query NO: 590 Which from the adhering to protocols will be utilized to hook up to as a way to send email? A. NNTP B. SNMP Do. POP3 D. SMTP Reply: D Explanation: Query NO: 591 A technician is aiming to isolate an issue within a laptop power supply. Which within the adhering to tools will want to the technician use? A. Loopback plug B. Multimeter Do. Oscilloscope D. Cable tester Reply: B Explanation: Question NO: 592 By which within the subsequent places do vital Windows procedure files reside?

CompTIA 220-702 Examination A. WindowsSystem32 B. Documents and Options Do. Windowsaddins D. Program Files Remedy: An Explanation: "

VILNIUS, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Lithuanian men's basketball head coach Jonas Kazlauskas announced Wednesday a list of 20 players invited to the first training camp to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio.

Kazlauskas, also former head coach of Chinese national team, said some players have not finished their seasons with their clubs.

""Besides, some of the players still feel consequences of the injuries of the recent season,"" Kazlauskas was quoted as saying.

""Therefore, we have to invite more players in order to have a decent training process,"" he added.

The first training camp starts on 20th June in Palanga sea resorts, Western Lithuania.

Veterans like 36-year-old centers Robertas Javtokas from Kaunas's Zalgiris and Darjus Lavrinovic from Reggio Emillia's Grissin Bon, Italy, will herald the team.

Jonas Valanciunas, 24, center of Toronto Raptors, is expected to join the training later.

Kazlauskas has invited 20-year-old forward Domantas Sabonis, son of legendary Arvydas Sabonis, from Gonzaga Bulldogs, NCAA, to join the training.

It remains unclear, whether power forward Donatas Motiejunas from the Houston Rockets will be able to join the team because of his health condition, according to Kazlauskas.

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