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SYDNEY Black Justin Evans Jersey , March 1 (Xinhua) -- The Australian authorities have established some of the world's toughest laws against cyclists in a bid to stop thousands of injuries as people start seeking alternative modes of transport.

Cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users, often coming off second best in a crash. As more Australians are encouraged to take up the peddle for the commute to work, there's been wide ranging calls for increased protection of bike riders.

Described as the world's toughest cycling laws, motorists in New South Wales (NSW) state from Tuesday will need to stay at least a meter away from cyclists or be slugged 319 Australian dollars (228 U.S. dollars) and lose two demerit points.

Cyclists will also have to play their part, or be fined 425 Australian dollars (304 U.S. dollars) for running a red light and riding dangerously.

"On average, 11 bicycle riders are killed and 1,500 are seriously injured each year in NSW and the trend for cyclists being seriously injured is increasing with more than 1,800 bicycle riders admitted to hospital following crashes on the road network in 2014," Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety executive director Bernard Carlon, said in a statement to Xinhua.

"This package is an important move towards improving safety for all road users, especially bicycle riders. We want to ensure all bicycle riders feel safe and that they, motorists, and pedestrians can share our roads safely and with confidence."

Critics, however, claim the laws will discourage those from riding and instead increase congestion on Sydney's roads.

"There should be an approach that focuses on public education and ensuring motorists and cyclists work together to create safer roads," NSW Shadow Minister for Roads, Jodi McKay said.

University of New South Wales Professor of Road Safety Dr Raphael Grzebieta PhD said the new laws may be implemented elsewhere if there is evidence that they reduce the amount of injuries cyclists sustain while on the roads.

Skateboard clothing refers to the set of garments that may be worn by a person when he goes out for skateboarding. It includes among others skateboarding sweatshirts, pants, shorts, jacket, jeans, T shirts, socks and skateboarding hats.

Every occasion has its own requirements and so is play. There is a specific type of dress worn while playing a particular game. This is done to ensure that a person feels comfortable and can play with full concentration. Skateboarding, like any other sport, has its own requirements of the right type of sports goods as well as the right type of dress. Skateboarders are therefore advised to wear the right kind of skateboard clothing while skateboarding. Moreover the requirement for different clothing changes with age, attitude to the sport, sex as well as the time of year. Skateboarders also opt for garments that match with their skateboards and their protective gear.

One cannot feel comfortable in whatever he or she is suggested to wear as every person has his own preferences, which are governed by comfort and habit. One should select skateboard clothing according to what he or she is most comfortable with.

There are a number of brands that offer a wide variety of skateboard clothing. These include Alien Workshop, Almost, Baker, Birdhouse, Blind, Black Label and Bones to name a few of the most popular brands. Some brands specialize in making skateboarding hats, while some specialize in the manufacture of skateboarding jackets. There are others that specialize in making skateboard clothing of more than one type. There are some brands, which even specialize in making clothes for a particular sex or certain age groups. Some of these brands even offer a variety of other accessories like belts, wallets and the like to match the skateboarding attire. Brands offer various options to skateboarders based on their pocket size as well.

Skateboarding is a sport, which is slightly different from other sports. It is a way of life. Accordingly the clothes that people wear while skateboarding reflect their attitude towards this sport. The true spirit of the skateboarder and his passion about this sport comes out loud and clear. The skateboard clothing worn by skateboarders has also evolved with time. The clothes worn by skateboarders in its initial days and now, over a period of nearly three decades of this sport?s existence have changed many a fold. With the passage of time, commercialization has taken over various aspects of this sport including skateboard clothing, which has ultimately brought forth numerous options for skateboarders. This also encouraged several companies to enter into this market, who in turn have spoilt skateboarders for choice. The skateboard clothing available today includes some of the trendiest clothes.

With time like any other sport, fan following also inspired the clothing worn by skateboarders. The youth specially started looking out for skateboarding attire that was worn by their favorite professional or one that looked chic. At the same time they take pains to remain original and not be treated as a part of the crowd.

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