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The Jacksonville Jaguars got their butts kicked against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday , dropping their first game of the season, 9-6. Nine to six. It’s unreal that your defense holds a team to sub-100 yards net passing, about 230ish total yards and nine points and you lose, without any turnovers. Simply put, the Jaguars lost on Sunday because their offense couldn’t do anything.Many people seem to struggle to say it, but I’m not scared to. The Jaguars lost mainly because Blake Bortles was bad. He struggled to hit easy passes, held the ball and nearly fumbled in a critical time because he was careless with the football. Sure, he had some drops, but every quarterback in the NFL deals with drops.D.J. Chark dropped an easy pass off his chest, Keelan Cole dropped a low ball that he should have caught and Tommy Bohanan dropped a pass but outside of that, the big issue was the quarterback was just off all day. Hell , he had three straight passes batted at the line of scrimmage. How does that even happen?The drops hurt, but it hurts more when your quarterback struggles to hit easy throws on third down and sails passes over the guys who are open. The issue was exacerbated in the second half when the Titans realized Bortles was not even trying anything down the field and they began sending pressure constantly. They knew they had a quarterback who was off, only looking for the short safe throws and feeling the pressure.Coupled with Blake’s poor play, the Jaguars quickly figured out why you can’t treat Corey Grant as a real running back, as he managed just 1.8 yards per carry and each down he got the ball felt like a wasted down, all the while TJ Yeldon was averaging over six yards per carry and picking up yards in the passing game.The overall game plan for the Jaguars against the Titans wasn’t that much different than it was against the New England Patriots, where the offense seemed to be able to do no wrong. The biggest difference was simply that the quarterback didn’t hit the easy passes that were there to keep the chains moving.There were other failures that made Bortles bad day even worse, but when you boil it down the biggest issue was Bortles was just off on the day and it sank the offense. I don’t think having Leonard Fournette would have helped all that much on Sunday, outside of taking ineffective carries away from Grant. Less than 24 hours after a heartbreaking loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey is adding to the suffering. Early today he posted a tweet notifying the internet that he will be missed when he is gone. Not surprisingly the reaction was swift and varied. Responses ranged from “good riddance” to “don’t leave” to “we could use you on our team”. Context is always important when something like this is shared, and there is a dire need for clarity. The tweet was followed by a series of motivational verses from the Christian bible , Jalen has not responded to any of the tweet’s comments nor has he offered any follow-up tweets to explain what he meant.The big question for the fan base is what the reasonable response should be to something lacking any point of reference. Is this simply a reaction to negative comments by the fans and/or the media? How much is this related to the emotions from a tough loss? Does this spotlight the selfishness of Jalen?Ramsey’s historical assertions that he is succeeding at his role, implying the fault is with others, have been interpreted as self-promotion. For those who read this tweet as sour grapes from a selfish player, local radio personality Rick Ballou expressed confusion related to Jalen’s tweet. Ballou serves as an on-field reporter during games, and on his afternoon radio show shared his observations of Jalen’s sideline disposition. He noted the star cornerback’s personality was more about a team player actively engaged with coaches and players. He gave specific examples of the Jalen actively engaged in fixing the bleeding that was the first half.It is more likely this is an emotional tweet from an immature player after a loss that all but ended the season. Local sports reporter Brent Martineau found this to be the case, and points out the reactions to offload Ramsey are equally as immature.Ramsey has been a lightning rod for controversy since being drafted, most recently because of his curt evaluations of quarterbacks around the league. With the team winning, his words are entertaining for the fans and annoyances for the opponents. A collection of meaty bulletin board material serving to elevate upcoming games. His immaturity was excused because he is such a competitor.Unfortunately, with the defense playing a first half reminiscent of pre-2017 Jaguars standards, Ramsey can be read as someone incapable of dealing with adversity. Those fans who tolerated Ramsey’s persona are now more comfortable to express just how irritating he is. Furthermore, compared to the team focused comments from Calais Campbell Womens T.J. Yeldon Jersey , Arby Jones, and Malik Jackson, telling all who “can” read that they will miss you lacks a maturity to read the room.If you consider Ramsey has taken considerable effort to block many people on Twitter, it may be a better read of this tweet if we see it simply as a player responding to fan overreaction. He has not indicated any desire to leave the team, and nothing is being reported of him as a toxic clubhouse element. None of this will mean anything to anyone who has grown tired of his antics and would rather see the team look for a high return on investment. Still, we have no idea what this is in response to, be it something specific or general criticisms, and speculating to the negative seems more about fostering present suffering.From the front office to the fan base, this has been 180 degrees from where we thought this team would be. We are all probably better served to just let folks express this grief in their own way.Ask yourself this, is Jalen wrong to say we will miss him when he is gone?