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Patek Philippe New World Time Moon Phase Limited Edition Watch

Patek Philippe's anniversary celebration is not only a recollection of the past, but also a future. To this end, Patek Philippe launched the World Time Moon Phase Limited Edition Watch to celebrate the 175th anniversary patek philippe 5175r grandmaster chime watch of the brand. The watch combines the traditional elements of the World Time series, which is popular with collectors, and has been innovatively added to the moon phase display to renew its dynamism while renewing its vibrancy.

The Patek Philippe World Time Series models are usually decorated with unique engravings or colorful enamel patterns in the center of the dial, especially the latter, which has been acclaimed at major auctions. The center of the dial of this world time moon phase watch has a very large moon phase display, which is very different. Prior to this, Patek Philippe never used such a realistic and so excellent way in any timepiece to show the lack of moon phases. At this point, this commemorative watch will truly combine the two complex functions of tradition and innovation. World Time Moon Phase Watch This limited edition, Ref. 7175 women's watch, decorated with diamonds; slightly larger Ref. 5575 men's watch.

World time, panoramic view

In the 1930s, the first Patek Philippe World Time buying replica watchwas introduced and patented in 1959. The series of timepieces feature two scaled rotating discs at the edge of the dial for easy display of time in 24 time zones around the world. The 1884 World Meridian Conference divided the world into 24 time zones, each spanning 15 longitudes. Since then, the division of time zones has changed little. Therefore, the outer ring dial is marked with 24 city names, each city represents a time zone, and the inner circle dial displays the entire number of points for each time zone, and the number of minutes for each time zone is the same. When the city representing a time zone is at 12 o'clock, the pointer to the Patek Philippe World Time Watch indicates the local time of the time zone. The city on the right side of the city is physically located to the east of the city, and the city on the left is west of the city.

The currently optimized World Time Device (patented in 1999) also uses this principle to display the time in each time zone. Any adjustments can be made with a button located 10 o'clock on the side of the case. When the adjustment is made, the time zone device will be separated from the movement to ensure that the smooth swing of the balance and the travel accuracy of the minute hand are not affected. Pressing this button simultaneously triggers three adjustments: a special hour hand inspired by the shape of the Southern Cross will advance one hour; the city scale ring and the 24-time dial will rotate one time zone counterclockwise. If the button is pressed before the button is displayed, the local time in London is 10:15. After pressing the button, the pointer will display 11:15 local time in Geneva.

The yin and the sun are missing, all in the wrist

In 1969, humans first landed on the moon. In 2014, the moon first appeared in the center of the dial of the Patek Philippe watch. The traditional moon phase display shows the moon phase change through the special moon phase window on the dial and the dial below it. This dial has two circular patterns of simulated moons with two lunar months. The cycle rotates around its axis for one revolution. Therefore, the moon phase display of such a device is small. Patek Philippe best fake watches specially designed the moon phase display device in the center of the dial for the world time moon phase watch, which is not only larger in size than the traditional moon phase window, but also more beautiful. The moon phase display device consists of two overlapping ultra-thin glass discs, and the lower disc is plated with a night sky map. The innovative spraying process ensures the high precision of the sky map, and the display of the moon is larger than the traditional method. More elaborate. Many craters on the moon are displayed in a gray gradient. The disc was rotated once every 29.53 days. The upper fixed disc is metallized to cut a precisely calculated heart-shaped contour, covering a part of the "moon" on the lower disc like a mask, and evolving different phases as the lower disc continues to rotate. .

Caliber 240 HU LU movement

Watchmaking process, the beauty of the outside is derived from the inner core

In order to perfectly integrate the 24 time zones with the moon phase display, Patek Philippe designed the new Caliber 240 HU LU movement. The prototype of the movement is an ultra-thin self-winding movement with an in-line 22K gold mini automatic disc. It consists of 270 separate precision components to meet all the requirements of the Patek Philippe imprint. Its ultra-high travel accuracy also meets the strict standards of Patek Philippe imprint. Its maximum daily travel time error is only -3 to +2 seconds, far superior to the official observatory standard.

In terms of appearance, the World Time Moon Phase Watch is also a model of timeless elegance. Inspired by the Calatrava style, the round case features a gold base and is engraved with the words “Patek Philippe Geneve 175e Anniversaire 1939 – 2014”. On the dial, Patek Philippe once again succeeded in designing a dial that clearly displays 24 time zones and highlights local time, as well as a super-large moon phase display with a diameter of about 35 mm, showing the rich details of the moon. The local time scale, 24-hour scale and moon phase display can be clearly distinguished by different colors. Unlike other modern models in the World Time series, the World Time Moon Phase Commemorative Watch features an innovatively designed local time indicator hour hand. The pointer is reminiscent of the Southern Cross constellation that is common in nautical fiction and is imaginatively linked to the three most important types of objects in the nautical world: the Earth, the Moon, and the stars. Another special feature of this limited edition anniversary watch is that in order to pay tribute to Patek Philippe's distinguished historical tradition, the watch replaces Paris as the representative city of Central Europe in Geneva.

Ref.7175 World Time Zone Moon Phase Women's Watch, 18K Rose Gold Case

The bezel of the women's watch features 70 flawless bright-cut top Wesselton diamonds (total weight 0.6 karat). The large plaid crocodile strap is hand-stitched with a gold folding clasp with the words “PATEK PHILIPPE 1839 – 2014” engraved with the case. The men's cheap watches for sale features a bright black strap and a women's watch with a bright beige strap.