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Auston Matthews is the NHL 20 cover star. Matthews joins Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes as the latest EA cover athlete - and his future is just as bright as Mahomes'. While the former first overall pick hasn't collected an MVP award just yet - there's no doubt one will be coming his way in the near future. The official NHL Twitter account shared Matthews' purple-themed cover and a new trailer.

We’ve all had that awkward moment where we think we’re perfectly positioned for a one-timer across the crease, only to see the player warp into an jarring shooting animation. Or have you ever frustratingly taken a forehand shot when it would be more natural to shoot with a backhand? These problems arose because EA didn’t have the appropriate animation coverage for every direction a pass could come from. To fix this, the new system looks at several different contexts such as your distance to the net, whether you are standing or moving, how much time you have to get off a shot, whether you are receiving a pass or already in possession before it assigns the shot animation. Best and Cheapest NHL 20 Ultimate Team Coins For Sale -

Another interesting element of NHL 20's broadcast package is that EA plans to bring in celebrity guests. Hockey fans will no doubt recall Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy doing commentary for L.A. Kings games. It helped bring more attention to the sport of hockey, and EA appears to be attempting to do something similar with NHL 20.The developer isn't confirming any celebrity guest appearances yet, but a slide shown to GameSpot included people like Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, Drake, and Wayne Gretzky.

Also in terms of presentation, NHL 20's graphics and scoreboards will look different this year. You'll immediately notice that the scoreboard is now on the bottom of the screen, while there are brand-new overlays and motion graphics, too. Additionally, there are new sequences that aim to showcase the flashiest and most exciting moments in NHL 20. This includes "play of the period" and "play of the game" highlights that showcase those moments, as well as new celebration animations.

Outside of adding a few new trick shots, EA hasn’t done much to revolutionize shooting in the NHL franchise over the past several years. This neglected area of gameplay gets a fresh twig in NHL 20 with a renewed investment in adding more contextual shots from all over the ice.
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