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Pełna wersja: Simple solutions to resolve Brother printer shows offline
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Solution1: Check The Network Connection Of Your Brother Printer
Due to a negative connection, your Brother printer can display offline on the display. So, take a look at the connection first and make certain the devices are well connected with each other. To take a look at the relationship, follow the underneath cited steps to solve Brother printer goes offline:

First of all, restart your Brother printer by means of turning it off and then make it on lower back. Wait for more than one seconds for the printer to be prepared.
Now, test the relationship:
If the Brother printer is hooked up thru a USB cable, then ensure that the cable is hooked up properly. Also, check if the USB port is functioning well or not
If the Brother printer is attached via a stressed-out network, then you have to assure that the Ethernet port is nicely hyperlink-as much as the printer. Also, test if the router is running nicely
If the Brother printer is connected thru a network, then make certain that the Wi-Fi is hooked up to the PC nicely