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Pełna wersja: Path of Exile: Suggestion For Making Staff Viable
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Suggestion for making staff viable: put movement speed in staff nodes. If the goal isn't to make it top tier but just to make it viable something like 20-30% ms would go a very long way. Even if it meant including an extra cluster with 3-4 nodes. Also if you want to make sure you have all the best gear take advantage of our great deals as we are the best place to buy PoE Orbs cheap online.

To get zero duration, you need the 30% helmet enchant on top of that. L19 gem (36%) + Enchant (30%) + Swift Affliction (15%) + 20Q Less Dur (10%) + Warped Timepiece (9%) = 100% reduced duration. Its hella fast, but since its a teleport rather than a travelling skill you get the same kinda jankyness as Flicker Strike and its a mess on indoor maps.

You need a ton of cast speed for it not to feel terrible though... in addition to at least a 4l + lab enchant. For some reason even poet's pen cannot trigger it on every attack with 100% reduced duration unless you manually attack instead of chain-attacking which just seems really weird and is annoying as hell to play. It doesn't seem to be directly tied to the CD either given that even at ~2 APS with one poet's pen it would still only trigger every 2nd attack.

Just needs a better movement skill than leaping. Leap slam itself is completely fine as a movement skill. Just like whirling blades, however, you really need a fair amount of attack speed for it to feel good which is hard to get with a 2h (no DW bonus + many 2h uniques don't have local attack speed), especially as a caster. More tips about Path of Exile, you can check out

Attack-based staff builds can still be mobile since Leap Slam works pretty well with increased attack speed (they miss out on the stat stick shenanigans that dual wield builds use, but that's another story). But spell builds are shit out of luck because MS% doesn't affect Leap Slam at all, and to make matters worse, unique staves aimed at casters usually have no IAS.