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These last experts gave us some insight into the work that goes into making the perfect last: “At adidas, before a last is sent into production from the last creation team, input is received from various internal counterparts such as design, development and marketing, to enable the brand to produce a final product that has the consumer and end use in mind. Gender related foot shape, target group (professional, leisure, medium foot, Nike Air Max 95 Femme wide foot etc.), sport specific requirements, design Nike Air Presto Donne aspects, material properties etc. have to be considered for any new last development.”As for the technical aspect of manufacturing lasts, the experts added that “lasts are partly created in 3-D with a special last development software, but mainly lasts are still handcrafted in wood by a skilled and experienced last model maker. Final model lasts will be scanned and production is based on 3-D data. From request until final release there are a few checks (aesthetics, measurements, fit & wear tests etc.) to ensure the last meets all the requirements.”At first, it might make sense to raise questions about the lack of standardization across brands. But to have true standardization would mean to give up all the differences in designs not only across brands but also across different types of shoes. It would mean wearing the same exact shoe all the time for all sorts of activities – Nike Air Huarache Womens which is, frankly, impossible and impractical.

the last is created to allow for linear movements that allow the foot and toes to spread whereas football players require cleats to fit more like a glove. Lifestyle lasts vary based on the design aesthetic and original inspiration.”While the Nike Air Max Zero Womens adidas experts admitted that each style of shoe does not need its own dedicated last, they added that adidas assigns its lasts to the “category and gender the last is developed for with little cross-over.”Proving just how dedicated brands are to providing their customers with the perfect fitting shoe, the adidas designers also noted that different markets will have lasts unique to them: “we have different lasts for the Asian market, for example, because the feet are just differently shaped.”Another intriguing – albeit unverified – story about the importance of lasts, tells how Nike once lost the original last for the Nike Air Jordan 2. This meant that the particular model could Nike Air Max 90 Mujer not be reproduced until the original last had been located or a new one was designed. Rumor has it that the last was either destroyed, lost, or stolen after Adidas ZX 750 Dam the sneaker’s 1986 release and that Nike had to dissect the original pair before it re-released the silhouette in 1994.

Without the last, Nike was unable to recreate the exact shape of the original shoe, so the original’s shape was studied and mapped out before the Air Jordan 2 could be brought back. The same was reportedly done in Nike Roshe Run Mujer 2004, when the shoe was retro’d for the second time.So there you have it; an abridged answer on why different shoes fit in different sizes, and more on lasts than you probably ever wanted to know.In 1973, Puma designed a custom shoe for NBA star Walt Frazier, effectively kickstarting the signature sneaker trend. Nike permanently changed the game by partnering with Michael Jordan 11 years after that and today athletes across sports—from the NFL’s Cam Newton to the MLB’s Mike Trout—have shoes specifically Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme engineered to cater to every specific movement these athletes make. Now K-Swiss is bringing that level of care to an entirely different sort of person who plays games for a living: esports athletes. “Where Nike makes shoes for athletes, we're making shoes for the new breed of sports,” says Patrick Buchanan, K-Swiss’s global marketing Nike Roshe Run Femme director.