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On the lateral and medial side of the shoe, the outsole wraps Nike Air VaporMax Femme up pretty far along the arch. This can be useful when gripping medicine balls and has been a feature on the past Metcon models. There’s a plastic heel clip extending from the mid-foot to the heel, from what I noticed, it feels a bit sturdier and more Adidas NMD Dámské secure than the Metcon 3’s clip.
The tongue is a light weight mesh and leather material, and is pretty breathable towards the bottom of the shoe. There are six eyelets and the four middle eyelets have reinforced threads. The bottom of the shoe and the outsole Nike Air Presto Dames is composed of sticky rubber. After a couple months of working out the sticky Adidas ZX 700 Dámské rubber is still providing solid traction.
To test this shoe’s functionality, I performed gym-focused tests. These five tests include heavy back squats, power cleans, box jumps, rope climbs, and wall balls. My biggest concern with cross training shoes is how much stability they provide in strength-focused movements and I feel this battery does a good job of covering multiple functional fitness aspects.
In my opinion, I think this is possibly the most stable Nike Metcon yet. For the back squat, I Nike Air Max 90 Homme worked up to heavy triples and didn’t notice any give in the heel or outsole for that matter. The TPU in this model is solid and I’d feel confident saying this shoe will prove to be stable under most (if not all) athlete’s squat weights.
For the power clean, I Nike Air Presto Femme also liked how the Nike Metcon 4 performed. There’s a small offset, but the flat Nike Air Max 90 Homme outsole helped make up for the lack of heel. I felt grounded and sturdy during power based movements. In addition, they performed well with wall balls and kept my foot flat and stable during the throw and catching portion of the movement.
On the Adidas Superstar Dámské Růžové rope, this shoe did a pretty good job at supporting my performance. Personally, I don’t use my feet on rope climbs, but I did to test these shoes and I liked how the sticky rubber gripped the rope on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe’s outsole.
The Nike Air Max 1 Dames only real problem I had with this shoe was why I thought it was so great, and that’s the firmness of it. It definitely wasn’t the comfiest option on absorbing multiple box jumps, but it wasn’t a huge deal, you just need to pay attention to absorbing your landing a bit better.