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Pełna wersja: Gangster Game: Mafia City H5 is a new Gangster Themed MMORPG
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Guns, explosives, and fisticuffs are cool, but cars are possibly the most badass weapons at your disposal in Mafia City. When in a car, you have several options that can help you take out enemies. The first is to simply run them over, just like in any game with vehicles. If basic vehicular assault isn’t good enough for you, you have a ram ability. Gangster Games Online, When in a car or truck, press X/A to ram forward. You can sideswipe vehicles by combining that button while driving either left or right.

Mafia City: How to Feed Enemies to Alligators

Since Mafia City takes place in a fictional New Orleans, there are bayous that you can explore. Inside of these bayous live various threats, including live alligators that lie just beneath the surface of the water, waiting to be fed. If you want, you can take their diet into your hands. That’s right, they can totally be fed. But not just with any, plain ol’ meat.

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