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Pełna wersja: Mafia City gives players a number of different weapons and projectiles
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Mafia City gives players a number of different weapons and projectiles to help them on their quest to see Lincoln Clay get his revenge on the Italian Mafia. One of the more interesting items at your disposal is the Screaming Zemi Dolls.

The trailer ends with a voice saying: “I’m not going anywhere until the mafia game is over.”

But we do want you to understand that people get hurt. That there is a human cost. In prostitution, for example, gangster games, often with organized crime–run operations, there wasn't independence offered to sex workers. It was someone saying, "You have to do this." With drugs, it wasn't just small time dealers; it was part of this massive machine of money making that made sure people got hooked and stayed hooked.

Mafia City is open-world, meaning you’ll have a lot of exploration to do as well as many different side activities. You’ll be involved with taking over districts and divvying them up between your underbosses. You’ll also find a lot of collectibles scattered around the world while traveling to story missions, rather than having them follow a strict order. The actual mafia gameplay is a basic cover-based, third-person shooter. You won’t get anything on the level of Gears of War 4 in terms of mechanics, but it’s more than sufficient to help get you through the action as you avoid witnesses, run from police, and put down enemies.

Mafia Celebrates Its 15th Year Anniversary With a Trailer and Steam Bundle

And the thing that really got to me was that this was just an enemy "bark"—something the bad guys say in the middle of combat in a mafia game. Yotta games, It wasn't a defined, cinematic moment that was built carefully to make you consider the morality of a specific character, which is the way Mafia City used racial slurs (or the way dozens of other mob stories do). It just felt like constant background noise.

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