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by Xinhua writer Cheng Lu

BEIJING Authentic Cameron Payne Jersey , Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Each time musician Perhat Haliksteps onto the Voice of China stage he exudes a calm presence,seemingly unperturbed by his lack of mandarin and the crowd offamous singers filling the audience.

His husky bellows have gathered quite a Chinese following in thepast weeks, with the 32-year-old Uygur snagging second place in thereality talent show Voice of China 2014.

In the contest, he did his best to sing songs in mandarin toappeal to the audience. But in the end, it was his unadorned,unmistakable voice and attitude to music that fascinated fans.

However, his voice was not appreciated by all. His opponentscould often be heard criticizing his songs, saying they lacked atune and were difficult to understand.

Consistent with his serene stage-presence, he is equallycomposed when facing criticisms.

"I came to sing a song, not for a title. I want more people toknow my music," Perhat Halik told Xinhua in an exclusiveinterview.

"I believe music can impact all people, regardless of ethnicityand nationality."


"I want back to childhood, lying in your arms, sitting behindyou on a bike, Papa; I want to eat noodles cooked by you, wearsweater knitted by you, steal a cookie from you, Mama..."

Perhat Halik often dedicates songs and music to his parents, whohave passed away. The emotion he imbued into the song whileperforming on Voice of China moved the audience, earning raucousapplause despite most being unable to understand the lyrics sung inUygur, the language of Perhat Halik's hometown of far west China'sXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

He said wherever he goes, his love for hometown and family arethe inspiration and soul of his songs.

His was born in Makit, a county of Xinjiang's Kashgar Prefectureand bordering Taklamakan Desert. Despite living among severaldifferent ethnic groups known for singing and dancing, Perhat Halikshowed little interest in Xinjiang folk music at a young age.

At the age of six, he found a broken guitar while rummagingthrough things at home and began playing it everyday.

When that guitar became unusable, his father sent him a new oneas a gift, cementing his path into the world of music.

Still, he showed little interest in the folk music of hishometown.

In late 1990s, he became part of the rock and roll movement thatswept across China, growing his hair long and obsessing with heavymetal. At one point, he considered a tattoo, he said.

But his attitude toward traditional Xinjiang music changed whilehe studied painting at the Xinjiang Arts University in Urumqi, theregional capital.

During a folk performance, he spotted his friend, also in therock and roll bandwagon, wearing a folk costume and playing atraditional musical instrument.

"For the first time in life, I noticed the beauty of Xinjiangfolk music and realized this is what I want," he said.

After that, he began blending Western rock and roll with Chinesefolk elements, using the style to found a band named Qetiq in2005.

The band earned small, but livable wages by singing in bars.While performing at such venues, Perhat Halik would occasionallysneak in original songs, but many guests, who were used to listento familiar songs of famous singers, complained.

Eventually his band members tried persuading him to give up hisoriginal works and continue singing cover songs. But Perhat Halikinsisted he continue, believing the audience would come to accepthis music if he gave it more time.

He was proved right. "Some guests told me they feltuncomfortable if they didn't hear my songs for a long time," hesaid.

More recently, his mixture of traditional musical instrumentslike Dutar and Tambur with guitar, as well as his husky voice,attracted a German musician, who invited Perhat Halik to perform inGermany in 2010.

The tour was a success with his band becoming popular amongEuropean audiences. They now frequently travel to Europe to performand last year Qetiq released its first album in Germany.

"The audience shows respect and tolerance to different music.They see it as an art," he said.

Now Perhat Halik often performs in big cities like Beijing andShanghai, but he says he will never leave Xinjiang, the soil of hismusical roots.


On the stage of "Voice of China," when a judge asked PerhatHalik his dreams, he replied: "I do not have any dream. I just dothe things I really love. When the things are done well, dream willcome to me."

The unorthodox answer surprised many audience members, includingthe judges.

"Perhat Halik is like a mirror. Looking at him, I know what Ihave lost these years," said Wang Feng, a Chinese musician andcomposer and Perhat Halik's coach in the "Voice of China."

A song can become popular overnight, but half a year later, cananyone remember it? It's a question Perhat Halik always askshimself.

Pureness, simplicity and hope may be what people who reallyunderstand Perhat Halik and his music feel from his songs.

"I don't understand music, but Perhat Halik's songs make me cryand let me know I have tears and dreams," wrote a 64-year-old fannamed Jian Shixian on Sina Weibo. Enditem

(Yuan Suwen and Han Xiaojing contributed to this report)

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