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Thus each turn presents the player with a set of decisions of whether to gain stuff now or to try to build up H5 games so future turns are more powerful, which is more prevalent here than in the original game, where you could gain extra abilities from mosque tiles but adding more than two of them was usually too expensive. You have to balance the two areas, because if you focus too much on building an engine, another player can try to brute-force her way to buying rubies as quickly as possible while the prices are low (not that my daughter has done that to me … twice).

Mafia City Game is fun, which ultimately is the most important question around a game. It plays fast, it does require some thinking, and the luck factor is mitigated by other parts of the game like the fact that you don’t need all five dice to go your way or that you can spend a crystal and re-roll as many dice as you’d like. It plays two to four players, takes a half hour at most, and the absence of the pathfinding aspect means that it’s easier for younger players. For players with a little more experience on tabletop, though, it’s not a substitute for the original title.

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