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Benefits of thermal insulation in summer buildings
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    In the winter season, the direction of the movement of the heat stored in the interior of the buildings is from the outside to the outside, that is, the outer walls and ceilings exposed to the cold weather lose the internal heat to the cold outside atmosphere. As for the hot summer season, the outer walls and openings in it, as well as the exposed ceilings «that is, the roof of the last floor in the building» gain heat as a result of exposure to direct sunlight and high air temperature outside.

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    The amount of heat acquired and the speed of its inward movement vary according to many factors.

    * Owner of the building: What are the factors that determine the amount of heat gained and the speed of its entry, and what are those factors that affect the extent of thermal comfort that people can enjoy in their homes in the summer?

    We can mention many of the following factors:
    1- The thickness of the outer wall, the thickness of the roof and the type of building materials that make up it.
    2- The type of thermally insulating material, its density, thickness, color, surface nature, type of structure of its cells, and the like.
    3- The location of the insulating material inside the walls or ceilings, is it close to the inner surface or is it closer to

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    the outside?
    4- The nature of the external openings, their area, the type of windows, and the amount of shading to which the building is exposed.
    5- The nature of the site, climate, wind speed, relative humidity, degree of sun tilt, number of sunshine hours, etc.

    What is the use of heat insulation in summer, and in our country specifically?

    The thermal insulation between the walls reduces the surface temperature of the walls and ceilings from the inside, especially in hot and desert areas during the summer, instead of the temperature of the walls from the inside reaching سلس ° C, for example, when the external air temperature is at The shade is about 45 degrees, and in the case where the outer walls consist of hollow concrete bricks, which are only ten centimeters thick, covered with a layer of cement shortening, on the inner and outer sides, placing a second layer of hollow concrete bricks from the inside with the use of a heat insulator in the middle leads to a decrease of degree The internal surface temperature of the wall is from ۳۰ to ۲۳ degrees, which means that the occupant inside will feel more thermal comfort due to the lower surface temperature of the wall that radiates the annoying heat in his face.

    The owner of the building, however, what is the suitable wall surface temperature of the interior that provides thermal comfort to the building resident?

    If we assume that the temperature of the air inside the rooms is equal to twenty degrees as a result of using cooling means, for example, the temperature of the surface of the walls and ceilings from the inside leads to the residents' enjoyment of a thermal comfort only if its temperature ranges from about 17 - 27 degrees, but if it exceeds this then living Inside the building will be troublesome.

    * The owner of the building and what about the time when the heat wave enters the interior, will this affect the comfort of the building residents as well, if we use thermal insulation in the walls and ceilings.

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    Certainly, the sunlight falling on the outside of the building walls or ceiling needs approximately five hours to penetrate the wall consisting of one hollow concrete brick layer, while you need about 9 hours to penetrate the wall when using two layers of hollow concrete bricks between them is a medium-efficiency heat insulator.

    This means that the house with a single wall built without the use of a thermal insulator will become unbearable hot in the afternoon, but in the second house that is thermally insulated, the indoor atmosphere will not become relatively hot except at evening.

    At that point, the temperature of the outside air has begun to decrease, so its owners can open the windows to cool the house, by allowing the outside air to enter and gradually reducing the temperature of the internal air, as well as the temperature of the walls.

    What happens in both cases during the night?
    The owner of the first non-isolated house will suffer from high temperature throughout the night, perhaps until the early hours of dawn, because the outer wall has increased its temperature a lot during the day and needs a shorter cooling period because the temperature of the inner wall will not exceed ۲۳ degrees, so the cooling of the walls will be Faster, as soon as bedtime comes in the evening, the room air temperature will be convenient and comfortable.

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    The bottom line is that the benefits of thermal insulation are not limited to savings in heating during the winter period but extend to make homes comfortable and relatively cold in the hot summer, as well as they lead to significant savings in the electricity bill needed for cooling when the buildings are thermally insulated in an excellent way.

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    Best blog I have ever seen MCDVOICE

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