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Calais - Campbell: Thank you, Arizona
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    anne john



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    "cheap hockey jerseysCalais - Campbell defensive tackle / Jacksonville Jaguars Everyone says my voice is different.

    Rather, they think I like Shaquille O'Neal and Cookie Monster mix.cheap mlb jerseys

    Personally, I kinda like the sound of their own, very personal feeling, in addition, this is not the tone I was born, the day after tomorrow I get to play football and get, do not tease you.

    Some people when playing very calm and do their job, not doping too much I do not like this feeling.cheap youth baseball bats

    When game day, I can get up to the final whistle roar from the morning.

    I think this is part of my job to keep the strength to do my best.

    So, on Sunday I will roar up to his own scratchy throat, wait for it to slowly recover in the next week, and then do it again the next Sunday.cheap mlb jerseys

    After years of continuous cycling, I ejaculated in a week and then never fully recovered, is vocal about losing his temper strike the bar.

    But I actually still a little pride.

    Because I know that my voice have contributed to their team, and led them forward.

    In short, it was worth it.cheap youth baseball bats

    When I played in the Arizona Cardinals, the most it is the lack of enthusiasm, to a certain extent, this is meant to be.

    At the end of the second year of the University of Miami that summer, just to accompany the Cardinals completed a three-year Ante Lei - Rolle came to the campus counseling we play.

    We have worked a year at the University of Miami, and Rolle is my admiration to the people in line.

    He who has all excellent quality.

    I was just the end of his explosion-class season, the idea of ​​initiation into the spring of next year NFL working hard.cheap youth baseball bats

    After the survey the number of teams in the league, the Arizona Cardinals roster stand out: They appear to be teams on the rise, but also I think I can adapt to, and write your own local legend.

    Most college students are looking for work need a letter of recommendation.

    So, one day after the end of the training, I find Ante Lei: So uh, I think you play with super cool in Arizona can put in a word for me, please? He laughed, then nodded, as if to say, no problem, your brother steady.

    Time flies, the following spring, my family and I sat together to watch ESPN Zone Denver's draft.

    At this time, the idea of ​​playing for the Cardinals I have been thrown to the back of the head.

    I measured the performance when the body camp too bad, although there are still a few teams close to my agent, but the Cardinals are not among them.cheap mlb jerseys

    Our family watched the draft in a private corner of the hotel area, eating and drinking.

    Some people already began to celebrate, and I was nervous at the side of the verge of collapse.

    One by one sign bit with a home, a number of members up front before I was selected, called acquaintances began to comfort me, I had to tell them: Why call me ah brother? At the moment can not be sudden, busy thing.

    Draft Into the second round, has put cold foods, cheese on corn flakes have begun to harden, people began to pack up and go home, but I'm still the venue waiting a phone call.cheap hockey jerseys

    Finally, the phone rang, a strange number.

    I picked it up, rapid heart beat but I could hear nothing, because all around me people around exclaimed, what he gave me a team to throw an olive branch.

    Then I had to continue the phone, went to the hotel entrance all the way to disease, and my mother, my most reliable backing, came running after me.

    Enter the NFL both of us have meant a lot, she did not want to miss this moment, I will not let her miss.

    We came to the outdoors.

    I grabbed the phone with one hand, the other arm around her mother.

    The other end of the phone is Ron - Graves, when he was general manager of the Cardinals.

    He asked me if I would be willing to Arizona.

    My mother's tears immediately broke out, I realized that their own efforts in exchange for results, my tears welling up.

    Both were crying in the street.

    Hotels in and out of the crowd and the big man I pass, I guess this day for them is also quite memorable.

    After hang up the phone, I was happy and tired tired.

    But my dream has finally come true.

    Then I sprang to my mind first is the idea, Mom da, thank you ah, Ante Lei brother! I came to Arizona in almost perfect time: in 2008, a turning point in team history.

    We are sitting on a lot of talented players, but they have been running several months last season, year after year after drinking defeat, they are ready to create a good season, everyone understand that this is their best chance of the playoffs decade shock.

    I have a lot of teams can immediately marked the first episode, but Arizona already has enough squad depth.

    I have consequently been enough time to adapt to the NFL life.

    I understand rookie period, the most important thing is not messed up, in other words to learn - Larry Fitzgerald is how to do.

    Larry certainly not the only people who can become role models, our defense group in talented people.

    When rookie year, I was able to Darnell in the locker room - learn from Wilson and others - Duo Kete, Carlos - Dansby and Adrian.

    I mentioned earlier that holding strength, passion is learned from them.

    Halfway before rookie, I've got a stable playing time, and our changes are very obvious.

    However, the final playoffs, we did not expect too much harvest.

    After all, a 9-7 team, have the opportunity to have a tour of the lucky bar.

    No one thought we could beat the Falcons wild card race, no one thought we could beat the Panthers in the partition round, but did not feel we can beat the Eagles in the National League Championship Series.

    We are able.

    Playoffs, I do everything we can to make a positive contribution to the team.

    I completed a total of 16 career special teams capture Hold, four of them from the playoff race that year.

    I do not know how to describe the experience of playing in the Super Bowl, look back at that time, my only regret is that, as a rookie, I did not understand how hard it here.

    If you go back through, he told me at the time: this is the only time you enter nine Cardinals in the Super Bowl, then I absolutely do not believe.


    This team will not be short-lived.

    Before the game, I felt carried away, every nerve taut, excitement filled the brain.

    I seem to wander in a dream, until the national anthem, I find his breathing rhythm.

    Then, kick-off, as usual, I worked hard together with the SWAT team mate, this game is no different for me, perhaps a little grand a bit? Behind what happened I do not go into it, James - the end of the half came to Harrison had a 100 yards back steals offensive touchdowns, the Houshenglali help us get angry chasing points, but Santo Antonio - Holmes sector within a few millimeters toes point touchdowns shattered our dreams of winning.

    This is an unparalleled and awful, it makes frequent surprise heartbroken experience.

    But in addition to the game itself, what happens after the game will be forever etched in my career, no, my life will not forget.

    Arizona return flight is not pleasant.

    No one spoke, we were exhausted, because we know that he can win just almost only, the next win is perhaps the most important in life's game.

    When the plane landed, when we went to the EVA, he appeared in front of amazing scenery.

    The fans.

    Hundreds of fans.

    They wait here, cheering for us, this is just lost the most important game of the team applause.

    It is difficult to put into words the feelings, they certainly suffering like us, but they still drove here for the Cardinals that they are proud of.

    I have since the end of the game, the first smile, the others, too.

    This is what I know of Cardinals fans, they can ignite my passion, so I'm willing to do everything to help the team victory.

    It is also the day the people back at the airport appear.

    Another point in the Cardinals play I like: playing the best we can best play.

    Before the start, we all came to the locker room, I usually know: we are ready to dance! General Tony - Jefferson first began to jump in fact it, this guy is dancing all the time, but his pre-match dance really is a must.

    After Patrick - Peterson will join in, and Tony dance together, others began to stir, that's what I noticed everyone ready in time.

    I will go to Flo SDL - Luke Er side glance at his locker next to me in general he would look back and then nodded: ah ha! If the atmosphere is very tense, no one dance, I'll be the vanguard of a lively atmosphere.

    Although I'm not very modern hip-hop I like Tupac / Jay-Z but when organizations need me, I'll stand up - these are my favorite Cardinals time, we are active emotions, feelings were excited, we are confident opponents hit can not be renewed.

    In recent years, we have countless embarrassed dance, too numerous to be better fruit than any team in team history Cardinals.

    We created a good foundation, which I will always be proud of something.

    We have a talented team and have team victory culture are two different things.

    The transition between these two layers need to improve all aspects, and I had to estimate, Jacksonville and ready to accept the challenge.

    And I will not be a man.

    - Tom Coughlin's presence has given the Council set the tone, the transition is already under way, exposure can make me feel almost trembling thrill of it.

    Young team made me very excited, they remind me of when Cardinals rookie career.

    Both have long been regarded as a belly team, but when you browse large lists, which have included talent.

    Here we have Jay - Ramsey, Myers - Jack and Dante - Forde, that's not all, not difficult to imagine the terror defense group.

    These young guy to bring together veteran Jacksonville, has met the conditions required to establish a culture of victory, already collect puzzle, we just need a good fight it.

    Before the beginning of a new chapter in Florida, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to each of Cardinals fans are reading this article.

    Looking back, I am most grateful for those friendships is established under the present.

    About contribution to the team, I've said a lot, but compared with the return I get, it was nothing up.

    This land is not just the work of the office, here is my home.

    I will never forget the sincere friendship.

    Over the past four seasons, every Thursday, I will be with his own distinctive voice to attend Cardinals broadcasts crimson tide.

    Each time recording, there will be several fans appear fixed, yes, every time, unshakeable.

    In recent years, I am familiar with and a part of it, when playing at home, I can tell the audience in their presence because they are sitting part is always the most noisy.

    When away from home and I can see them, most people would sit beside my mother with her.

    One fixed audience is Lena, I met her in participating in the program the first year, she had never been seen before the age of eight.

    She loved to dance and football is not inferior to any other person.

    I watched her grow up, every week we can chat.

    Sometimes she had to miss the dance because of her regret and frustration almost visible.

    She'll be disappointed, said to me: I'm sorry, you lost last week, blame me.

    I know that I am the Cardinals turn Yun Koi, I should attend.

    Such children with Lena as a friend, made me endless gratitude to the issue in Arizona can play.

    And this is my parting word the only pop out of the brain: gratitude.

    Cardinals enrich the talent to be a talented, friendly frolic in a locker room so I am very grateful.

    Can and headed trainer - Tom Reed multiple long conversation about life, football and other things makes me very grateful.

    To have the opportunity to interact with a small fan like Lena so, let me know what I have in order to play, made me grateful.

    Nine years time, pronto.

    I climbed Camelback Mountain countless times, eat a lot of fried chicken restaurants in Lo-Los waffles.

    Although I did not get the help they won the Arizona Super Bowl title, but every minute spent here makes me proud.

    I could start a career, but I'm sure in other places, this desert is the best place to start.

    I will never forget, this piece of land once I was speechless.

    I will not lose you.


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