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FFXIV: Which Dungeon/Trial/Raid To Look Forward To?
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    Dungeon - The Fractal Continuum, there's two things I love in life. My Momma and technology. Maybe I'm biased and still salty about Neverreap Roulette but, god that dungeon is just so much fun. The awesome lights everywhere, the implications of lore in game. Gah I love it, getting a new Allagan based dungeon is usually a treat for me cause there's times where I forgot that Sohm Al and The Aery and most other "cave" dungeons aren't just all one big dungeon. If you want to get the big amount of ffxiv gil in the shortest time, you will have to choose to buy ffxiv gil. And you can choose us to buy from us on https://www.FFXIV4Gil.com.

    Trial - Thordan, this is the most story reason for me. See I've been playing since 2.x so when the 2.5 twist happened, I was stuck for a few months just waiting for Heavensward to come out to figure out what the hell would happen. And after a long ass play session during early access(To which my friends basically screamed at me to go to bed as I had been up for nearly 30 hours) I finally hit 60 and go to fight the big man himself, months of this feeling of betrayal just all popped out of me and it just left such a mark on me that I still get a huge grin when I get it in trial roulette that random time every blue moon.

    8 Man Raid - Alexander 8, I was still in a static at this point and we were all above average players. We were able to recover and recognize attacks without having done the fight. Now the music alone in the Alexander series is a masterpiece which I will defend with my life. But as a fan of the Tokusatsu/Mecha genre Alex 8's theme just struck a chord with me. My entire first time in there with my static was just a bunch of noises and then "Wait that's it?".

    24 Man Raid - Syrcus Tower, now I've already said earlier I love Allagan stuff . But I was a fresh level 50 when this was current. I remember just loving every second of this place, such a quick queue after waiting on Lab for 30 minutes. The first time I got a Sands and Oils of Time and being able to upgrade my gear. It was super fun, sadly the most recent 24 mans haven't really hit that mark with me anymore.

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