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Nigeria Agriculture and poultry industry analysis
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    Nigeria, often referred to as the "African giant" because of its large population and economy, is one of the world's most populous countries. It is therefore understandable that food and agriculture play an important role in the development of the country and its inhabitants. In the past, agriculture was the country's main source of foreign exchange income. This means that the country is self-sufficient in this regard, as there is a lack of better rhetoric. It was regrettable, however, that the country's agriculture had not kept pace with the increase in the population. Agriculture is only the starting point, which also significantly affects animals and poultry, especially their food.

    Agriculture undoubtedly plays an important role in the industry, considering that poultry feed is the food of agricultural poultry, which consists mainly of cereals.

    Poor quality feed can lead to slow growth of poultry and therefore the production of other related commodities, such as eggs. There are few feed manufacturers in feed production that comply with their standards, resulting in significant losses. In addition to cost-cutting, one of the best ways to maintain quality is to produce poultry feed on farms. The required materials are available and inexpensive, especially after the harvest season. As a result of certain regulations, some major feed companies have reduced their feed standards, but feed costs have not been reduced as expected.

    The animal poultry feed making industry in Nigeria is quite overshadowed by a small number of Europe or American based feed industries. Sufficient to say, the total supply of locally produced feed is not enough to cover the demands. And although the quality of the imported feed is quite good, what puts them out of reach for most farmers is the cost.

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