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Organized European Tours for Students
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    My daughter's middle school (8th grade) is planning an 8 day trip to England for the kids in the summer. It's though a tour group called EF Educational Tours. She's pretty eager to go, and I don't mind her going if I go too. I just think she's a bit young to travel to Europe without a parent. Seems like going with a school "alone" is more appropriate for an older teen (maybe a junior or senior in high school). I've been reading reviews online and have my doubts. First of all, it sounds like it's going to be a lot of sitting on a bus driving from place to place. The hotels tends to be cheap and far away from the attractions you are seeing. Every review said the food is terrible (one meal, no choice, and bottom budget) and even when you do get to eat lunch on your own, you often don't have a choice (the bus stops at a restaurant). The cost is $2800 for a student and $3,300 for an adult. So if she and I go it's $6100. I'll be honest, that's a big chunk of change for me, but next year is our "vacation year" (we go on a "big" vacation every 3 years. I took her to Disney World seven years ago, Hawaii 3 years ago, so our next vacation would be soon 2018 or 2019). I think the best thing about this trip would be for her to hang out with friends, on a trip. I think that would help make the trip really enjoyable for her. The bad things are she's vegetarian and it sounds like the meals are mainly burgers or chicken with french fries and such. I can deal with the food (I'm not vegetarian) but honestly, I rather eat at local pubs and restaurants and such. Not American-style fast food that appeals to kids. I've also traveled with her (of course) and I know she needs to have a few days on a vacation to sleep in or do lazy stuff. It sounds like these tours are paced such that there is little flexibly to do that. But maybe I am imagining things more ridged than they really are. I tried to crunch the numbers a bit. And it almost seems like the $6100 price tag for both of us isn't really any kind of a deal. I added up airfare and hotels and came up with $4,320 for two. And this is staying in hotels near to the attractions (not far out) and a bonus train ride and overnight to Paris (which I know my daughter really wants to see). Of course, this doesn't include food and attractions like the package trip (I didn't get into that level of detail yet). I am not sure if my cost for self travel is reasonable or not, never having been to Europe myself. Does anyone here have an experience with any of this say with their kids going on a similar school trip, travel to England, etc? I am just trying to get a feel for if this is "worth it." Or if it's best to maybe even just plan a trip on our own as opposed to an organized trip. Or even get a travel agent.

    Please help.

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