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performance focus?I think for us, [performance]
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    Nike is the largest athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer in the world, at a time when there is little distinction between low fashion and high fashion, or streets and runways. Vice president of design John Hoke, a judge for the 2018 Innovation by Design Awards, is responsible for steering the $34 billion company to the right technologies and the right Adidas Superstar Womens trends at the right time.For sneakerheads, the last few years of athletic wear have been fascinating to watch, as Under Armour Nike Air Vapormax Donne came out of nowhere to climb up the sales charts, and Adidas teamed up with some of culture’s biggest influencers to become a formidable competitor to Nike.So what’s next for Nike? Just off releasing Flyprint, Nike’s ambitious plan to weave textiles with 3D printers, I chatted with Hoke in a candid interview about the nature of shoe design, how to Nike Air Presto Mujer keep ahead of trends, and where technology will take Nike next. Nike is bullish on pushing the limits of technology, so much so that one day, Hoke hopes your shoes will become symbiotic to your own body, always reacting to your state, and making sure you take every stride with strength.Fast Company: Something I’ve heard a few times as a design journalist is Adidas NMD Womens that designing a shoe is a lot like designing a car. Is that true? Where do you think that philosophy comes from?

    John Hoke: It’s Adidas ZX 700 Donnefunny you say that! Over the course of my 25-year history, I’ve spent time with and had deep, engaging conversations with lots of vehicle designers. I think there’s something about the sheer sculptural form of footwear and cars that, if you’re a sneakerhead or you’re a car geek, you’re really obsessed with this idea of a sculpture. Oftentimes, they’ll Nike Air Max Thea Womens say you need to sell the car going fast when going still. It has a form factor, body language, a stance that indicates a certain emotion of point of view. Without a doubt, sneakers are the same, because you’re trying to attract consumers on a wall with a quick glance, and a quick interaction, and I think that’s what makes it similar but different. Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Womens When you sit in a car you’re in a closed environment. When you put the shoe on the foot, we want to enhance that sculptural quality with a Nike Air Presto Donne surprise and delight of comfort.FC: You oversee so many different departments at Nike–how do you even come up with a meaningful goal when you come into work in the morning?JH: It’s a question I try to address every single day. I view the role that I have at the company now as a bit of a standard bearer and a torch bearer. I think both of those Nike Air Max 1 Womens activities anchor strongly on our approach to design innovation,

    which is first and foremost about understanding the complex problems that athletes face, and trying to push ourselves in this relentless pursuit of solving those problems in ever deeper and newer ways, so athletes get to flirt with the impossible, and show us as a human species what we’re Adidas NMD Mujer capable of doing.FC: I’ve heard this from Nike, and Adidas, a lot–that it’s all about performance. But you’re selling fashion, too. More Nike Free 5.0 Femme people are wearing these shoes on subways than basketball courts. Is it possible that Nike has actually outgrown the performance focus?I think for us, [performance] has always been our true north. We get to work with the world’s best athletes. Because we sense and understand their ambition, their drive, and their potential, and we think that all Nike Air Max 1 Femme of that is transferable to every athlete around the world.A by-product is your point, products and ideas that become transcendent to cultures and lead, not just in the function side, but the aesthetic and form side. To us, it’s always the marriage of the science with the art, the function with the form, the beauty and the aesthetic with the purpose.Nike Roshe Run Womens

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