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PoE: To Get The Best Poison Damage
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    If you want to focus on poison go only assassin, bleed only gladiator, ignite seems be be buffed around elementalist. Same for traps 3 of 5 new traps got 8 second cooldowns so either you will go the right class, pick the right nodes and use the right body you gonna wait 8 sec to cast your skill... or even with these its still around 4 seconds. Also if you want to really take your character to the next level then be sure to have a really good look at all the different Orbs we have in our PoE Orbs Cheap Hot Sale.

    Build diversity isn't about how many different ways you can make the same build. It's about how many different builds you can make that aren't straight up worse than something else. And a lot of your assertions aren't even true. Poison works fine on Trickster and is far more defensive that way. You can even do a poison build with Marauder/Duelist/Ranger classes because you don't actually need any chaos scaling since the ailment rework.

    Traps can also work on any other class if you limit yourself to low cooldown ones, or switch between multiple trap skills (you can even stick two trap skills in the same 6L and still have more than enough damage for clearing). 8 seconds isn't actually that bad (if you have some sources of CDR) when you realise that those traps have effects that last a long duration.

    If you lock yourself in diversity to get the best poison damage then sure you'd get assassin. But not to say others aren't viable. You'd be perfectly viable to make a poison with duelist champion, just grab a free fortify or adrenaline. There's still viability in all the ascendancies. You want a melee witch you can still do so, the ascendancies are simply improving your build not limiting them.

    You want a spellcasting Duelist? Sure, grab a free fortify. A poison marauder is still viable but with juggernaut you'd be at least tankier or maybe your poison build has some shenanigans with endurance charges. The point here is there is still diversity. It's just you yourself thinking that this ascendancy is for poison only so you lock yourself to that one build. Thanks to our hot sale, we are the best place online to buy Path Of Exile Orbs. But as well as offering low priced POE Orbs buy, we also have put a lot of time into the game ourselves.

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