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Information on termites
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    The reasons for the appearance of termites in the house
    There are many reasons that lie behind the emergence of termites, including:
    The presence of holes that allow ants to enter the house; Such as: the holes near the exterior door of the house.

    Water leaks, especially in the kitchen near the sink or even inside the bathroom, which lead to large termite concentrations in these areas.

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    Lack of attention to the cleanliness of the house, and lack of good ventilation, which leads to the gathering of termites in it.
    Leaving the door or windows open for a long time, which leads to ants entering the house through them. Leaving the house dark for a long time can lead to an obvious termite gathering.

    That the floor of the house is made of wood, which leads to the gathering of ants on it or even inside it. The presence of some sugary materials, existing sweets or food remnants located on the ground in or around the house, or as a result of the presence of some grains on the ground in the areas surrounding the house, which leads to their entry into the house.

    Get rid of termites in the home
    To eliminate termites, the following steps can be taken, and they are:
    Seal all openings in the house. Using anti-ants powder, by spraying it on the ant populations in the house, and attention must be paid not to touch it with the hand, and not to reach foodstuffs due to the possibility that it is toxic to humans. Clean the house well with sterilizer; Because of its great role in cleaning and sterilization.

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    Sprinkle cinnamon on places where termites gather in the house, and vinegar can also be sprayed, as it repels the ants from the home and prevents their return again.

    Close doors and windows in the house, and not leave them open, in addition to getting rid of ant gatherings around the house through the use of special chemicals and insecticides. Never leave food residues on the dining table, on the sink, or even on the floor.

    Get rid of all cellulose materials; Such as: straw, and plant debris from the ground, whether inside or around the house.

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    Information on termites
    Termites or the ground ants are a type of insects that live in large groups or colonies in the ground. A person, if any, is therefore preferable to stay away from his gathering areas, or to try to get rid of these gatherings in various ways.

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    Bardzo fajny tekst po angielsku. Warto się nim zainteresować!

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