IE6 - "Persona" non grata

Jeżeli trafiłeś na tą stronę, to znaczy, że używasz przeglądarki IE 6 (bądź starszej), której nasze Forum już nie wspiera.

Jeżeli zastanawiasz się dlaczego nie wspieramy Twojej przeglądarki odpowiemy w 3 punktach:

Po więcej szczegółów odsyłamy Cię do strony: ie6.pl


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    In the days leading up to Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and Saints, there were many mentions of New Orleans beating Tampa Bay twice during the regular season.

    ''The outbreak was obviously unfortunate, but no one saw that coming. We all thought we were doing a great job with it,'' fullback Patrick Ricard said. ''It's been crazy year, that's for sure. This is a year to remember for everybody. But I'm excited for this offseason to get better, and hopefully, we won't have another one of these crazy years again.''

    ''I'm not always the tallest and biggest person out there, but I have that confidence that I'm the best,'' Alexander said. ''My skills and talents showcase that. I bring it out. I bring that inner confidence out on the field by my play, by how I talk, how I've got handshakes with everybody on the team. That comes from confidence. I'm not afraid to display that.''Tennessee Titans for Face Masks

    The Chiefs, like the Steelers, are not expected to lose to the Browns. However, Kansas City should be better prepared knowing the Browns are a legitimate threat.Baltimore Ravens for Face Masks

    The Ravens waived Robert Griffin III on Monday evening, ending Griffin’s three-year run as the team’s backup quarterback. Griffin’s contract expired at season’s end anyway, as he was in the last year of a two-year deal.Arizona Cardinals for Face Masks

    Mahomes tucked the ball on a quarterback option with 7:27 left in the third quarter and tried to reach the first-down marker on third-and-1 near midfield. He was brought down hard by Browns linebacker Mack Wilson, who had managed to get ahold of him around his helmet. Mahomes was wobbly when he got up and had to be helped from the field, then was checked briefly in the blue tent on the sideline before jogging into the Kansas City locker room.Indianapolis Colts for Face Masks

    “I think it’s a good hire,” Aikman said. “I’ve always liked Dan, I think he’s a good coach… I thought that Dan would be a good hire for them… Dan took over for a couple years as defensive coordinator and they were number one for both years he was there in Seattle. They never were quite as good on defense [in Atlanta] as what I think a lot of people thought they would be considering Dan’s background as a defensive coach, but yeah, I think he’s a really good football coach.”

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