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The Patch Cycle Works For FFXIV
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    I think the way patches and content are handled in this game are really good. The game doesn't dwell on the past and it doesn't put pressure on me to keep playing day after day. If you want to skip a patch, skip a patch. If you skipped a patch then no problem, you can hop right into the next one and pick up (basically) where you left off.

    The patch cycle works for FFXIV and they'll probably continue to follow it as long as Yoshi-P is in charge. One thing that I wish they'd do is create more incentives to do older raid tiers. If you miss a tier, it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to go back and experience it "the right way".

    Ultimate raids are a step in the right direction and I think they could expand on it to encourage more statics to actually run and prog old raid tiers. Unending coil requires an O4S clear but I think it should require synced clears of the whole tier (O1S - O4S). That would be a strong incentive to form statics for Deltascape as long as the rewards from the Ultimate raid are still desirable.

    Another big issue with older content is that new expansions rework classes so much that class balance is thrown off for lower level caps (50, 60). Not sure how SE will handle this with regards to Unending coil for the next expansion but it may be a big reason why they've let their old raid content rot. If you end up liking the game, at FFXIV4Gil.com, you will able to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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